Ideal Protein- An Effective, Healthy, Weight Loss Solution!

At Pflugerville Wellness Center, we have done extensive research in weight loss methods, and we have incorporated the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Solution into our clinic. We believe that this is a highly effective and healthy way to lose weight. In fact, the doctor and some of our staff at Pflugerville Wellness Center have tested the Ideal Protein program and have already seen very good results, so we highly recommend the program.

The Ideal Protein Protocol is a medically developed weight loss method backed by over a decade of success.
Here at Pflugerville Wellness, we offer this as a medically supervised program. Your Personal Weight Loss Coach will work with you to help you set, achieve and maintain your dieting goals.

These before and after photos are from a patient here at Pflugerville Wellness who lost nearly 100 pounds on the Ideal Protein diet.  *Note: results may vary from person to person and we cannot guarantee specific results.

Find out more information by attending a FREE SEMINAR held each week – either on Tuesday at 12 noon or Thursday at 6:30 pm. Call us to confirm the schedule and put your name on the list. Call us at 512-251-9686

Here’s what one of our patients had to say about the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program:

“This is my testimony. I have tried Weight Watchers in the past, lost 8 lbs. in 2 months, was not successful. I have tried the HCG drops and I did lose 32 lbs. in 3 months but gained it all back. I tried LA Weight Loss, was successful but they went out of business. Now the Ideal Protein diet is the best by far – you can eat their foods and your own. I weighed 140 lbs. when I got married in 1985. Now I am very close to what I weighed then. Sometimes it’s not the weight; the inches, your BMI, lean mass, hydration is most important as is your body fat. I loved losing the inches. I have gone down 2 sizes! Thank you Ideal Protein.” – J. L.

See some of our BEFORE AND AFTER photos of a few of the many people who are having great success with our Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program.

Benefits of the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program:

Convenience: Nutritious meals with highly absorbable protein prepared for you. You don’t have to think calories, perfect for the busy, on-the-go lifestyle.

Healthy: this program targets fat loss only, so you can lose the pounds and inches, but preserve your muscle mass.

Support: weekly consultation and support from an experienced and knowledgeable Ideal Protein Health Coach, who will measure your progress, answer your questions and provide suggestions to ensure optimal weight loss.

Technology: we track your progress with state-of-the-art devices that precisely measure your weight, body fat %, lean muscle mass, water mass, and BMI; we are able to chart your progress like the figure above.

Products: with over 70 tasty products, you are unlikely to get bored. The Ideal Protein products are also affordable for your budget compared to other diets.

pflug b-apflug b-a1

From 226.4 lbs. and 45.8% body fat                                                 To 156.8 lbs. and 28.8% body fat

69.6 lbs. lost

17% body fat lost

  • Results may vary from person to person.

Attend our FREE SEMINAR with Dr. Peng, held each week – either on Tuesday at 12 noon or Thursday at 6:30 pm. Call us to confirm the schedule and put your name on the list. Call us at 512-251-9686

Those attending the seminar receive a 50% discount on the consultation/supervision fees for the program (food products not included in this discount).

Based on the experiences of over 3,000 clinics worldwide, the Ideal Protein Protocol enables the following:

            • Sustainable weight loss.
            • Improved energy and vitality.
            • Natural appetite control.
            • Improved blood sugar control by re-establishing enhanced pancreatic function.
            • Dieters often fail to achieve weight loss goals because standard weight loss food programs lack variety, flexibility, flavor and take too long to prepare.
            • Results may vary from person to person.

Ideal Protein’s food program includes a wide variety of easy to prepare salty, sweet and spicy options. Some of our products are actually ready to serve, making them super convenient when you’re “on the go”. Each Ideal Protein serving comes individually packaged to conserve freshness and…

              • can be prepared in 10 minutes or less; 
              • contain high quality proteins and are very low in carbohydrates (sugar) and llipids (fats);
              • can be served hot, warm, cold or even frozen;
              • is considerate of diabetics due to low carbohydrate and sugar count;
              • be used to build complete meals by adding vegetables, chicken, fish etc., and more.

Join us each week when Dr. Peng gives a FREE SEMINAR on the benefits of the Ideal Protein program – held either on Tuesday at 12 noon or Thursday at 6:30 pm. Call us to confirm the schedule and put your name on the list. Call us at 512-251-9686

Why are we interested in a weight loss program like Ideal Protein?

Very simply, in order to improve both quality and quantity of life, proper weight is essential. Weight gain has been associated with increased risk of the following conditions:

    • Cardiovascular diseases, such as coronary heart disease, congestive heart failure, sudden cardiac death, angina, and arrhythmia (abnormal heart rhythm).
    • Type 2 Diabetes
    • Hypertension (high blood pressure)
    • Sleep Apnea (a condition that causes people to stop breathing for short periods of time during sleep)
    • Certain cancers (colon, gallbladder, kidney, prostate, endometrial cancer)
  • Arthritis

And, increased weight causes increased gravity pull on the lower back, increasing the likelihood of low back pain.

Still not convinced? Check out the videos on the right about our Ideal Protein protocol.

Please give our office a call today to sign up for our FREE weight loss class to learn all the details about the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method. Bring a family member, friend, or coworker with you. To schedule a consultation with our Health Coach and start losing weight right away, please call (512) 251-9686

Kerry CurtisKerry Curtis Ideal Protein Consultant and Weight Loss Coach

Ideal Protein Health Coach

I have been working in the nutrition and fitness field for over 17 years. I have a BS in Dietetics and an MS in Exercise Physiology. I am also a registered nurse with experience in holistic health. I love helping people realize their goals! It is the most exciting thing to watch my clients transform themselves on the inside as well as on the outside. I combine physical, mental, social, and spiritual principles in helping my clients reach their best health and potential!

Ideal Protein independent authorized clinic

Tested By Our Own Dr. Peng

Here is a graph depicting Dr. Peng’s progress:

Ideal Protein Healthy Edge Plus Dr Peng Results

Figure 1. In 2 ½ weeks, Dr. Peng has lost close to 9 pounds (red line). What is more important, his Body Mass Index (BMI, a ratio of weight to height) went from the “overweight” range to the “healthy” range.

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